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Bio-Geometric Integration . . . Bio-Dynamic Chiropractic

Dr. Kerry L Miller, DC


1807 Second Street

Studio 81
Santa Fe, NM  87505



Experience ease in the release of old patterns as your physiology is gently opened to new ways of being – physically, mentally, emotionally and neurologically.


Expand the flexibility in your body and subsequently your life.


Feel the subtle connections between your breath, movement and areas where you may be ‘disconnected’ and use your awareness to reconnect into greater wholeness.


Develop a new understanding of chiropractic through a model which combines a gentle approach with an application of force dynamics that meet the body for its greatest release of stored potential.


Know yourself as you were designed - Self-correcting, Self-regulating, Self-organizing, Self-healing!


Bio-Geometric Integration is an understanding that meets the body in a way that allows it to be present with the release thus allowing entire patterns to shift at a foundational level. This  allows deep patterns to shift while giving the body an opportunity to learn something from the adjustment.   Bio-Geometric Integration is gentle, deep and effective.


The goal of chiropractic is to enhance the bodies innate ability to access and release stored potential and in effect restore it to it's greatest expression of flexibility, adaptability and integrity at the level of the nerve system.  


Our goal is to support you in your health goals by restoring the functional integrity of your nerve system allowing your system to move  from a place of reaction to a place of healthy response.


We look forward to working with you towards your greatest expression of health.


Dr. Kerry L Miller, DC & Dr. Andrea L Biddle, DC

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