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Kerry L. Miller

Doctor of Chiropractic 



Dr. Kerry is a 2004 graduate of Life Chiropractic College West in the Bay Area.


Following graduation she externed for the summer with the founder of BioGeometric Integration, Dr. Sue Brown in Chicago, IL and is currently on support staff for Bio-Geometric Integration. 


Dr. Kerry returned to Santa Fe in the spring of 2006 and opened Inspire Chiropractic. Santa Fe has been a wonderful home base for community, nature and a healthy lifestyle.  Often you will run into her on trails, the farmer's market or playing outdoors somewhere in Northern New Mexico. 

Dr. Kerry continues to expand her clinical skills and is one of 22 Chiropractors who completed the Academy of Mastery through Bio-Geometric Integration Seminars with Dr. Sue Brown, DC. 


Certified Foundation Training Instructor January 2016.  Weekly classes will resume in the Spring of 2024. Private Classes are available on request.

Inspire Chiropractic holds a strong vision for it's immediate community as well as those visiting from out of town.  The possibilities available to each of us as well as those in our family and communities is limitless  . . . . life is rich with opportunity, the better integrated we are within our experience and expression, the greater potential we have in engaging fully with life and living our greatest potential! 


"Chiropractic is purely and completely about releasing the potential in one's system"

. . . Dr. Sue Brown, D.C.

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