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Our bodies are brilliant . . . . and they often don't require a lot of help, what they do require is a clear nerve system to function at their greatest level of integrity, flexibility and adaptability.  Bio-Geometric Integration works gently with the system to identify deep distortions and patterns the body creates to support areas that are overwhelmed as a result of stresses;  be they mental, physical, emotional, chemical or a result of trauma.  These are known in chiropractic as subluxations.  By releasing subluxations, the body is restored to it's innate ability to express its maximum health potentional. And, since we all perceive reality differently, we generally store tension differently, BGI works precisely with where the tension is held specific to your system and supports its release with a broad understanding of the global effect it has on the physiology.


Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.



Chiropractic for Children

Children of all ages get adjusted at Inspire Chiropractic!  We recognize that being born and growing up into our bodies comes with many events that may overwhelm our systems.  Having your child checked for any distortions that may have occurred during the birthing process or just coming into their bodies allows them a greater opportunity to develop and grow into their physicality with healthy strategies.  Wellness is a dynamic equilibrium between health and disease and exists when all organs of the body function at 100% under the direction of a clear nerve system and the Innate Intelligence of the body.  Give your child the opportunity for their greatest expression of health by getting them checked regularly!


Foundation Training

Foundation Training is a series of 18 template exercises designed to repurpose the posterior chain of the body and restore natural movement patterns adversely affected by our modern lifestyles.  It is a form of spinal hygiene that brings integrity into form and enhances the overall quality of one’s life.  It is a powerful accessory to your care at Inspire as your body releases old patterns and ways of being.  Foundation Training supports all of your active pursuits as you establish healthy movement patterns.  It is body-centric work that is mindful, at a depth and intensity appropriate for your level of fitness and engagement.  Please refer to the Calendar for current class times and location.

"I have received work from Dr. Kerry for many years.  She is one of the most amazing healers I have come across and I highly recommend her services for all beings.  Through her powerful adjustments, I have learned about alignment, integration, and how to trust the process As I navigate the waters of life with neck and cervical spine trauma, Kerry has taught and continues to remind me that the body is resilient and when given the right conditions, and encouraged to heal, it has the capacity to do just that.  I am forever grateful to Kerry for her wisdom, guidance, and fabulous adjustments over the years."   Jennifer D

"I've been coming to Inspire Chiropractic weekly for about a year and a half.  My health has improved, my startle response has diminished and I am more present in my body.  Making this a part of my routine has been a great gift to my health.”  Jessica G

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